The world’s best experimental music venue is between your ears

Literally. That’s where KXLU 88.9 FM focusses its audio energy.

Today from 6-8pm, the station will be broadcasting Demolisten, with hosts Octavius and Fred Kiko.

Demolisten is the West Coast’s ultimate unsigned band radio show. Octavius and Kiko also host a different live band each week. The show’s been on since 1984—that’s a lot of new music over the years, and tons of milestone performances!

After the jump, our favorite recent Demolisten videos, and info on today’s live band.

Earlier this week I told you about Walter Spencer. Here he is on KXLU-FM’s Demolisten:

Jon Barba aka Nicole Kidman is a little genius, and his Demolisten broadcasts are 21st century classics:

Vulture has played my Monday night shows, but sometimes they were so overdriven and distorted. You can really hear the music under the ragingness in this Demolisten video:

Today, the1921a will be playing live on Demolisten. You can tune in to KXLU-FM from -8pm to hear them and much more new music. There’s not a better way to start the weekend.

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