Sean Carnage’s Most Inspiring of 2013

By December 31, 2013
Sean Carnage’s Most Inspiring of 2013

From John Thill to Cellular Chaos to Skin Town, music ruled again this past year. Let’s keep it going.

I wouldn’t be able to face 2014 without all the amazing stuff you made in 2013. Thank you for all you do.

These were the most inspiring things about 2013…

Best Of LP: John Thill

John Thill
“Greatest” doesn’t even begin to describe this… Listen.

Car stereo soundtrack: Comfort Slacks

Comfort Slacks was my driving soundtrack for most of the year (the car being the best place to listen). Sounds tight at any speed.

Album: Cellular Chaos “Cellular Chaos”

Check them out—make sure you get the full album.

Band: Corima

Corima makes me glad to be alive.

Demo: Dolphins N Shit

Cannot WAIT for their new LP…Hear a preview—the soundtrack to my videogame life.

Pop: Skin Town

Skin Town
So smooth.

Rock: Mothers Of Gut

Really enjoyed this.

Comp: Mabson Enterprises

Most inspiring audio & collage.

Cassette: Favorite Russian Spectaculars

Image: Lou Muenz

Image: Lou Muenz

I could eat breakfast, lunch and dinner off this bass tone. Listen.

Video art: VJ Wes

The best in the West.

Record label (tie): Folktale

Folktale Roco Jet
Chris Payne puts out only the best.

Record label (tie): Higher Life

Very cutting-edge, beautiful CDs/LPs/cassettes/downloads/3-D printing!

Musical family: Schlarbs

Schlarb Fam
What a cool fam—they make a new album for Xmas every year. This time they cover The Who!

T shirt: (tie) Forest Kingdom / Thompson for Sheriff

Support Forest Kingdom & the Gonzo Museum traveling exhibit.

Event: Cleveland Lottery League at the Cleveland Agora

Kudos to the Chiefs & players of Cleveland, Ohio. Coming to L.A. in 2014 watch for details!

Show: Dr Who Burlesque at Fais Do-do

Peepshow Menagerie‘s beautiful ladies + Time Lords = the most inspiring night on the town 2013. Looking forward to 2014.

Concert: Goblin at the Egyptian Hollywood

Waited my whole life to see these dudes & they did not disappoint.

Radio station: KXLU

Duh. Listen.

Radio show: Demolisten w/ Fred Kiko…especially the live broadcasts from Timewarp Music in Mar Vista

If you are on the West Side when this is happening, do not miss it! Info.

Video: Go Chic “City Slickers Night Pressure” by Vice Cooler

An all-star cast & an excellent song.

Bitch: SOTB

The band I play in. Why not? The bitch is back.

Venue: Pehrspace

You already knew that though.

Audience: Monday Night

We did it thanks to you. I sincerely appreciate your support. We will continue but in new ways.

Until then don’t miss…


Pomona Rib Cookoff 1/6/14

15 minute sets from…

9:30 Naomi Elizabeth
9:50 Roco Jet (Nora Keyes + Jimi Cabeza)
10:10 Upsilon Acrux
11:00 Ssleaze
11:30 Surprise performers
12 AM Kid Infinity

plus entre’acte entertainment with…

The Comedy Stylings of Peter Moran
VJ Wes
DJ 333Boyz / DJ IE / DJ Marijuana Weed
Sound by Drey

Final DJ set by Kyle Mabson

**There will be surprises**

9pm doors / all-ages

pehrspace / $5

see u there?