Ripped from the headlines

By May 17, 2012

New music from N O W plus a great local compilation, Mabson’s Gotye obsession, an interview with Brent Mitzner, hitch hiking with John Waters, and more insane stuff that Russians do for fun

World premiere video: Kid Infinity’s “Swimming Lessons”—in 3D!

By May 13, 2012

Kid Infinity adds their trademark groove to 3D visuals & creates their best single to date. Read the interview & see the video in 3D on your computer.

Tremellow keeps it “wet” at album release

By May 12, 2012

This Monday is the party of parties with a new album release from one of L.A.’s best. Read the interview. Get the details.

Ripped from the headlines

By May 10, 2012

New music from No Paws, new videos from Alpha MC and Bodies of Water, plus Julia Holter, Beetlejuice 2, and a cancer benefit

Get ready: Tremellow release party & Kid Infinity 3D video

By May 8, 2012

Every Monday it’s the best of the cutting-edge. This week: an album release party for the incredible Tremellow. Plus Kid Infinity’s 3D video debut. W/ Signals, Batwings Catwings, Stripper Pussy & more. Get the details.

Ripped from the headlines

By May 3, 2012

Juiceboxxx’s energy drink, new music from Justin McInteer, Russia’s Pussy Riot, Mike D, Rube Goldberg, malicious web traffic, and more