Welcome back

Welcome back to SeanCarnage.com.

I really appreciate the support people showed when I first created this site over a year ago.

Unfortunately, I was juggling a lot of projects and this site fell by the wayside after December 2005.

But now I’ve re-dedicated myself to providing the most up-to-date underground music/art/culture/photos/weirdness & news on a daily basis.

This blog format should help. Alaska!’s original site design was so beautiful, but it was hard for me to find time to update it.

Plus, I want my writing to have a more personal tone–‘cuz life in L.A. is weird and there’s always some crazy story to tell..

Tonight, I can’t wait for the show at the Smell.

It’s been quite a collaboration. I invited Kyle to create the bill, which he did rather brilliantly.

It’s Health (their last show before tour), Anavan, A++, Captain Ahab & Tik//tik.

I brought the show to Jim Smith and Jim agreed to allow us to use his venue for a night.

The result is an historic occasion. A “greatest hits of now,” if you will. Il Corral on tour :)

Plus, tonight I’ll have copies of my new concert calendar (Abe Vigoda, Mae Shi & Robin Williams are all playing upcoming shows… cool, eh?) and a special video surprise for all of you. And Bob Bellerue’s back in town!

See you tonight?


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