The best 420 videos ever, presented by Jamaica Man

Who’s the smokinest MC in all of Los Angeles? Jamaica Man of course.

If you aren’t already hip to the Man know that he’s got: the stickiest nugs, the nappiest dreads, and the biggest spliffs.


Now Jamaica Man has loaded up the bong with this exclusive playlist of the best weed videos ever recorded.

Photo: Sean Carnage

A message from Jamaica Man:

Jah. Dante Tucker’s de name. Am official secretary of Da Original Rude Boi Jamaica Man.

Dis Monday on da eve of Herb Day comes a great Jamaican line up. All Jamaican bands. No non-Jamaicans allowed.

Best be swinging your dreadlocks- no batty. Pehrspace 9pm. Now I be declarin’ da Official Top Weed UTubez o’ de Year.


Jamaica Man’s Best 420 Videos Ever

Direct links for iPhone users, etc.:

Bone Thugs—Interview Part 1 & 2: Q: Has money and success changed Bone Thugs? A: Hell yeah!

Anti-Drug PSA—””I Learned It By Watching You”<: Who taught you how to do this stuff?

Fatz Da Rippa—”Really High”: I just like a bird plane/but my name ain’t supermane

High Times presents—”Top 10 Strains of the Year”: Jorge’s Diamonds #1

“Stoned on Judge Judy”: I don’t know if it’s television…I don’t know what it is.

Homeboy the Stoned Rapper vs. AK47: ‘Ow does it feel?

Rolling Stoned – An0maly: You can’t always get what you want

When you run out of gancha: Hey mon hey mon whatcha gonna do?

NSFW bonus link:
More Pussy Bong: Guy makes bong outta vagina, or so it seems

See Jamaica Man at Pehrspace tonight, Monday, April 19th

Kyle Mabson presents 420 (Observed)

Narwhalz (of Sound)
Longmont Potion Castle
Neon Navajo
Jamaica Man

+ DJs Kyle Mabson and Vice Cooler

Starts 9:30pm sharp / $5 / all-ages

Pehrspace—325 Glendale Blvd., in Historic Filipinotown

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