Vietnambla’s Vietnamblest videos, as presented by MC Megan’s Law

There are offensive rock groups. And then there is Vietnambla.

This five-piece L.A. ensemble mixes “elements of punk, rap, and experimental rock, or ‘Shock Hop.'”

Vietnambla’s press bio brags that “While many rappers build personas around criminality and misogyny, frontman MC Megan’s Law brags about gentrifying neighborhoods, manufacturing diseases, and willful ignorance of statutory laws.”

Another fun fact: MC Megan’s Law always wears shorts to celebrate the fact that he no longer wears a court-mandated ankle bracelet. D’oh!

Photo courtesy of Megan's Law's OKCupid profile. Fun Fact: According to ML's profile questions, if he could have dinner with 3 celebrities, living or dead he would choose The Jonas Brothers, dead.

Oh I am really asking for it tonight: I’m hosting a band called Vietnambla at Pehrspace.

Vietnambla apparently came together under the aegis of leader MC Megan’s Law (that’s him above… who “depending on definition, lost his virginity at 15 at Seaworld, or at 24 in the bathroom of the Museum of Tolerance”).

After performing as a solo act at venues such as L’KEG and “the alley behind the Pleasure Chest,” MC Megan’s Law was joined by glockenspieler Lil Stabner (Peter Pants, Ostrich Eyes), drummer Eddie Barzooon (Ownership of the Head, Fuse) bassist Bandito Supreme (Edward James Almost, The Fuckening) and guitarist Sammy Six Dicks (Six Dicks None the Richer) (Misha from No Babies has also been a guest collaborator).

Their musical icons? “Early ’90s Beastie Boys, late Def Jux, and recent GG Allin.” Umm…

Megan’s Law also has an album, Privileged Boy (seen above), and he wants everyone to know that the reason he always wears shorts is to “celebrate the fact that he no longer wears a court-mandated ankle bracelet.”

Watch Vietnambla’s Vietnamblest Videos

Here’s how MC Megan’s Law explains his favorites:

Video #1: RA the Rugged Man, an overweight, mentally unstable Long Island white guy and greatest rapper alive.  Simultaneously hilarious and horrifyingly, “Uncommon Valor” reminds us that Vietnam happened.

Video #2: EL P shows us why he is the best case scenario for growing up under a brutal, drunken stepfather.  If you like drinking scotch while reading 1984 and cutting yourself this should be the soundtrack.

Video #3:  You’re too good for him, Dolly. Finally someone has the guts to do a song about redheaded women and their boot on the neck of blonde women.

One more Vietnambla fun fact for the road: MC Megan’s Law was an original cast member on Glee but was later replaced when producers learned he was faking Down’s Syndrome.

D’oh x 2!

Watch MC Megan’s Law’s other persona at work terrorizing Westboro Baptist Christians (who are themselves out to frighten Jews, gays, etc.)

Don’t miss Vietnambla’s Monday debut tonight:

11:15 Real Noriegas
10:45 Vietnambla
10:15 Summer Twins
9:45pm Mock Duck (Clay from Batwings Catwings‘ band from Japan)

Plus: DJ Happy Birthday (aka Paul from NASA Space Universe)

Starts 9:30pm sharp / $5 / all-ages

Pehrspace—325 Glendale Blvd., in Historic Filipinotown

RSVP for the fun

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