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U.S. Rocker, June 1998

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U.S. Rocker was Northeast Ohio’s largest circulation, hard-rock and underground music monthly, with 10,000 copies distributed every month during the 1990s.

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Cover artist

Jake Kelly


Robert Wyatt, Laddio Bolocko, Cromtech, The Cult of Mushroomhead, All of War, Bill Korecky of Mars Recording

Album reviews

Red Giant, Massive Attack, Adolescents, All, All Out War, Ana Voog, Bernard Butler, The Bomboras, Buzzoven, Cheater Slicks, CIV, Come, Cubanate, The C*nts, Danko Jones, Discount, DJ Cam, Don Caballero, Far, Free Verse, The Gay Barbarians, The Jaurwaurs, The Ghastly Ones, Gloom, God Lives, Underwater, Gravity Kills, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Mason Jones, Logical Nonsense, The Lune, Mercyful Fate, Motorhead, mu-Ziq, My Own Victim, Neos, New Salem Witch Hunters, Ohlo Seco, Page & Plant, Painkiller, Pissing Razors, Pitchshifter, Projekct Two, Red Monkey, Reverend Horton Heat, Ricanstruction, Lee Rocker, Season To Risk, Secret Chiefs 3, Shutdown, Slaughter & the Dogs, Slowpoke, Snuff, Solarus, Spock’s beard, Stickfigure, Strung Out, Third Harmonic Distortion, Yasunao Tone, Training For Utopia, UI, Ultra Bide, Uzeda, Vaganza, Versus, VPN, Wives, Bob Xark, John Zorn, more

Singles reviews

Baby Carrot, blue…MAX, CIV, Grand Island, Lost Goat, Oval-Teen, Space Twins, United Blood

Demo reviews

Riff Monsters, From The Depths, Proon, Borgia Popes, Keelhaul, Loki, Seducer

Live reviews

Bunnygrunt, Tullycraft, Fugazi, Blonde Redhead, Quixotic, Gary Numan, Switchblade Symphony, Dead Moon, Rocket 455, Stepsister, The Ex, Condemic, Stinking Lizaveta, June Of 44, Victory At Sea, Eleven Eleven, Craw, Laddio Bolocko, Keelhaul, Against All Authority, The Criminals, Peenut Butter Conspiracy, The Dirtbombs, ’68 Comeback, Geraldine, Avail, Caramel, The Dumas Band, God Lives Underwater, Iodine, more

Zine reviews

The Severed Cow, Core Kill Zine, Anti-Social, Nothing Left, Profane Existence


Tony Erba, Eden Gauteron, Matt Damn Kuchna, Doug Niemczura, Anastasia Pantsios, Poopyhed, Ew-Dawg

Contributing writers

Dave Bellard, Craig Bobby, Andy Bonazelli, Mason Boor, Sean Carnage, Herb Daly, Tony Erba, Martin Fierro, Neal Filsinger, Eden Gauteron, David Jesitus, Chris Klasa, Casey Kulas, Martin F. Lance, Miles Later, Isaac Lipfert, Dave McClelland, James McDonough, Jack Medley, Ed Milich, Julian Montague, Brenda Mullen, Doug Niemczura, Sasha I. Nyktos, Jill Paschen, Peanuts, Berston Pernie, Cliff Rembrandt, Reeduh, Peter Risser, Ryan Rollins, Rob Sabetto, Skutr, David Steiner, Erica Washburn, Jeff Weisenberg

Contributing artists

Sean Carnage, Jake Kelly, Mr. Squirrel Murphy, Solario, Melissa Sullivan


Robert Banks, Jay Brown, Casey Kulas, Michelle Murphy, Karen Novak, Anastasia Pantsios

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