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U.S. Rocker, September 1998

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U.S. Rocker was Northeast Ohio’s largest circulation, hard-rock and underground music monthly, with 10,000 copies distributed every month during the 1990s.

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Cover artist

Julian Montague


Tales Of Summer Madness, Nomeansno, The Makers, Mercury Rev, Racism in Heavy Metal, Adidas Rock: Is Korn Krap?, Billy Morris and Dreamstate Productions

Album reviews

Sunny Day Real Estate, Gorguts, Absu, Alastis, Anal Cunt, Arnold, Baby Snufkin, Big Soap, Bio Ritmo, Black Eyed Peas, Braid, R.L. Burnside, Caustic Resin, Graham Coxon, Creeper Lagoon, Marshall Crenshaw, Destination, Earth Crisis, 808 State, Elliot, Fear Factory, Forge, Frank Black & The Catholics, Front 242, Funeral Oration, Furry Things, The Haunted, Hovercraft, Jessamine, Jungle Rot, Jaz Klash, Knapsack, The Living End, P.W. Long’s Reelfoot, Lost Nation, Mindflower, Takako Minekawa, Monster Voodoo Machine, Mudhoney, Natas, Nobody’s, OS 101, P.A. Phoenix Thunderstone, Power Lloyd, Psychotica, Psycore, Ramona, Rasputina, Rock-A-Teens, Rorshach Test, Royal Trux, Seam, Self-Infliction, Days After, Slapshot, Sloan, Spool, Sublime, Truman’s Water, Twelvetrees, Twist Of Fate, VVV, Wade, Warrior, The Vehicle Birth, Yatsura, Zoobombs, more

Live reviews

Girls Against Boys, Buffalo Daughter, Les Savy Fav, Zeek Sheck, Grocky, Mystic Satin, Beckett & Friends, Mercyful Fate, Supersuckers, Zeke, Los Gusanos, Chargers Street Gang, The Conservatives, Geraldine, Ohio City Rollers, Bauhaus, more

Zine reviews

Factsheet 5, Amusing Yourself To Death, Zine World, AltAsian, Beckett Tapes

Print reviews

All Ages by Beth Lahickey, Four-Letter World by Dan Mahoney


Andrew Bonazelli, Tony Erba, Eden Gauteron, Anastasia Pantsios

Contributing writers

Michael Azre, Dave Bellard, Craig Bobby, Andrew Bonazelli, Mason Boor, Sean Carnage, Herb Daly, Tony Erba, Martin Fierro, Neal Filsinger, Eden Gauteron, David Jesitus, Chris Klasa, Martin F. Lance, Miles Later, Isaac Lipfert, James McDonough, Jack Medley, Ed Milich, Julian Montague, Brenda Mullen, Les Nemes, Doug Niemczura, Sasha I. Nyktos, Jill Paschen, Jason Pearson, Peanuts, Berston Pernie, Cliff Rembrandt, Reeduh, Peter Risser, Ryan Rollins, Rob Sabetto, Skutr, Ryan R. Smith, David Steiner, Erica Washburn, Jeff Weisenberg

Contributing artists

Sean Carnage, Shaun Filley, Jake Kelly, Matt, Melissa Sullivan


Scott Badovick, Robert Banks, Jay Brown, Casey Kulas, Karen Novak, Anastasia Pantsios

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